Riberalta in 1907 standing at the confluence of Rio Beni and Rio Madre de Dios, locations that welcomed Colonel Fawcett many times during his explorations between 1906 and 1920

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The mysterious entrance to Ibez where Colonel Fawcett lives nowadays an everlasting life - Click to enter if you have the password to access it 

The exact region that Colonel Fawcett disappeared in 1925 and the amazing results of our research since 1998 uncovering secrets never been told before

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Percy Harrison Fawcett's story from another point of view

The Theory of Ibez in connection with Percy Harrison Fawcett

2016 Olympic games in Brazil and our expedition to Ibez

Sponsorship of Colonel Fawcett’s last expedition of 1925

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The new routes and locations from the Inca's past to upcoming Peru's visitors


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Towards Ibez

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Adolph Hitler

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Mato Grosso

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Larsen Hafskjold

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The Bororo

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Admiral Byrd

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1 Porto Seguro

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2 The Snake Nation

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3 Footprints

4 Belo Monte

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5 The Bororo

         1 The Indigenous Games of Porto Seguro in 2004 SOS Save the Indians of the Amazon

         2 Pablo Cingolani and his book  'Mystic of Amazonia' The Snake Nation to be protected

         3 Footprints with three four toes as they were seen by Ivan inside the Cave of Roncador 

         4 Stop the catastrophic Belo Monte Monster Dam in the Brazilian territories of the Xingu

         5 The Bororo's tribe and their invaded land Jarudory Help the Bororo get their land back


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1 Puerto Maldonado

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2 Indigenous

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3 Native's Show

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4 Historical effort

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5 free e-Card

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6Tatunka Nara

           1 The Bolivian Expedition to Peru June 2012 towards Puerto Maldonado Sonene Park

           2 Help Indigenous People of Ecuador complain that their Amazon Land is not for sale

           3 Project the establishment of the Cultural Planetary Indigenous Show demonstration 

           4 Announcement of historical  necessity.   "Our expedition to Ibez" with 2016 Olympics

           5 Send free e-Card from the Amazon Watch & make a donation to Indigenous People

           6 The approach of Tatunka Nara,  Prince of the Akakor (Ugha Mongulala) and Fawcett


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The Great Web of Percy Harrison Fawcett is a non-profit official website involved in a research, since 1998, to find evidence for the destiny of the British explorer Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett's mysterious disappearance in the Brazilian wilds in 1925 while he was in search of a highly advanced civilization inhabited by a tribe of white long-hair natives, to discover the unexpected and startle the world. The site includes the most extraordinary events occurred in the territories of Amazonia in Bolivia, Brazil and Peru during his exploration period and the renowned rubber boom industry in the beginning of our last century

The maps below show Colonel Fawcett’s Eight Expeditions into the wilds of the Bolivian, Peruvian & Brazilian Amazonia and his delimitation work (1906-1925)

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For the first seven expeditions above (1 to 7) click here to visit the relevant information page to find out how to obtain the book of Fawcett's youngest son Brian with the title "Exploration Fawcett" and read about the legend in details

In 1925, the Fawcett Expedition to unexplored Amazonia disappeared without a trace. Recently a trunk of archives belonging to Brian Fawcett was opened for the first time revealing the full impact that the tragedy had on the family over a period of 80 years.


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A recent photo of Alann in Thailand

The journals of our Xavante story are now on sale at the lowest price signed by our Xavante friend / associate Alann Wéré’è Wayra Inti De Vuyst. Visit them through the link (Our Xavante story) at the top of this page

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Lieutenant Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett, Gold Medallist of the Royal Geographical Society Candido Rondon was the creator of Brazil's Indian Protection Service (now FUNAI) Claudio Villas-Boas, the Indian's Old Dad The Naturalist and Explorer Alexander Von Humboldt The French Scientist to Amazonia Charles Marie de la Condamine Alfred Russel Wallace and his expedition to Amazonia Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831-91). Founder of modern Theosophy Commander George M. Dyott, the leader of the Relief Expedition for Colonel Fawcett and a distinguished Fellow of the Society

Timothy Paterson, the great nephew of Colonel Fawcett. Timothy's confidence to find his uncle Fawcett alive today. Were he and his companion successful in their trips to the Serra do Roncador? Madam Isabela Godin - The heroine of the terrible saga of the Amazon The author Peter Fleming and his search for Colonel Fawcett Theodore Roosevelt, The Restless Hunter  1909 - 1919 The Marine Explorer Jacque Cousteau who visited Amazonia Sir Walter Raleigh (1552-1618), Soldier, sailor, poet, writer and explorer Pablo Cingolani - Leader of the official Bolivian expeditions in the footsteps of Colonel Fawcett James Lynch, leader of the Autan Expedition in search of Colonel Fawcett

Loren McIntyre  - The Royal Geographical Society - Joe Kane


Olympic Airways Technical Operations Department in Facebook

Olympic Airways - Technical Operations Department - Athens West Airport ...  At the times Olympic Airways was acknowledged and known at any part of the world as the airline of Aristotle Onassis

The Great Web of Percy Harrison Fawcett in Facebook

The Great Web of Percy Harrison Fawcett in Facebook is an introduction of the homonymous site that is involved since 1997 with the mysterious disappearance of Colonel Fawcett in the wilds of Brazil in 1925 during his 19 years expeditions in South America while he was demarcating the borders of Bolivia between Peru and Brazil

The Great Web of Percy Harrison Fawcett Twitter News

The Great Web of Percy Harrison Fawcett in Twitter indicates the latest news and information of the homonymous site that is involved since 1997 with the mysterious disappearance of Colonel Fawcett in the wilds of Brazil in 1925.

The site of the National Geographical Society of Greece

Find out about the National Geographical Society of Greece (NGSG). You will be able to become a member, whatever your professional sector is. You will get to know closely with those involved with many exploratory areas in Greece and in the entire world.

National Geographical Society of Greece in Facebook

The National Geographical Society of Greece with the image of Eratosthenes, a Greek mathematician, geographer, poet, athlete, astronomer, music theorist and the first person to use the word ‘geography’

My trips worldwide since the year of 1977 in Facebook

For more information concerning my adventure trips around the globe with important subjects and special video clips that I took by myself since 1977 and up to day.

My own CV with subjects, videos for those interested in

It was 1976 when I first decided to get involved with archaeology inclined more to the cases of lost civilizations, ancient cities and mysteries of the world. Since then, and for the next seven years (1977-1983), I became an adventurer and took many trips around the globe visiting remote places, taking pictures, making movies and writing stories about lost civilizations and ancient cities.

Information concerning Indigenous People in Facebook

The latest news between the Indigenous Peoples, the Hellenic-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Indigenous demonstrations

Archaeological findings of South America in Facebook

News about archaeological subjects including videos of South and Central American countries as far as strange mysteries and discoveries is concerned

Hawaii Five-O Classic

Hawaii Five-O was the most spectacular TV series that was ever aired around the season that many other popular and unforgettable series were on the air as well. It was the time that many TV series were aired all around the world, a fascinating period that is never going to be forgotten.

Easter Island - Rapa Nui (Chile) - The Riddle of the Pacific

On the 21st of September, 1981 we flew with a Boeing 707 of Lan-Chile, the Chilean Airline, to Easter Island (a 5 1/2 hours flight) to one of the world's most isolated small Chilean island situated some 3,200 km northeast of Santiago and considered to be one of the world's most fascinating archaeological enigma.

The decade of the sixties in Facebook

It was a decade that included amongst others and Amateur Radio Stations in the frequency of Hertzian waves in Greece and much more that you are going to remember again and you will be surprised.

Ibez (The Hollow Earth)

The Greatest Geographical Discovery in Human History . That enchanted Continent in the Sky, Land of Everlasting Mystery!


Fundação Nacional do Índio (FUNAI) National Foundation of Indian

The tribe of Toromonas is still an ethnographic enigma of Bolivia - The disappearance of the Norwegian biologist Lars - A health campaign saves lives in the Madidi's unexplored territory - Two Bolivian expeditions in the footsteps of colonel P. H. Fawcett - The reappearance of other non-contacted tribes in Amazonia

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